Anderson & Co.

Space Group have been appointed to design the first restaurant of a new chain which is going to offer high quality traditional rustic but healthy food to its costumers. The aim of the project is also to provide space for a cooking school.


Crisp white walls, ceiling, crockery and a natural looking bright floor are contrasted by colourful food. In addition to that there are two intense green spaces that draw the eye through the depth of the building and create a sense of discovery.

The obvious first green space is a remodelled, lush garden. Then there is an intermediate internal ‘garden’ in the centre of the space. This one is an abstract glowing green twin of the natural one leading customers from the front of the cafe to the back. This ‘Green Core’ contains also the ‘shop’, the bathroom and the office. All circulation is happening there too.

The overall composition is a juxtaposition of minimal, white surfaces and rough, natural materials (such as back-lit birch bark logs) plus the colourful, textured food in context of plain, sleek displays.


Client: Anderson & Co.


Budget: Confidential


Status: Completed

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