The Box, the Bed & the Book

The family of this purpose built modern terraced house has approached us to identify spaces that can be utilized or converted in order to enable the children to have more space as they grow up and to have privacy when studying or working from home.

Our solution requires a radical rearrangement of the house: The current living room is converted into a new master bedroom with a dressing area and an en-suite bathroom; a semi-external storage space, a WC, space under the existing staircase and a moved front entrance make space for the new living room; the loft void is completely opened up, the roof insulated, stair flights and skylights introduced to create a dramatic gallery like study for up to three people.

Client: Confidential

Structrual Engineers: Constant Structural Design

Contractor: Focuss Group

Budget: Confidential

Status: Completed 2015

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