Brickbox Vol.1 & Vol.2

This project consists of a remodeling of the lower ground floor and a first floor extension to a family home in East London.

The brickbox consists of timber framed but brick clad, super thin but high-performance envelope which has been specifically designed for this project. The fair-faced brick appears externally and internally. A frameless skylight forms the roof to the entire extension and allows natural daylight to illuminate and soften the space. The palette is complemented with Ipe wood, bright inbuilt joinery, leather ironmongery and copper details such as a copper tinted glass radiator.

The space appears to be wrapped from the outside in. When seen from the garden one looks straight through the window and the skylight giving the impression that the extension is just an envelope of an external space. A similar approach has been adapted for phase 2 on the lower ground floor: Brickwork re-appears internally and is completed with a stone floor typically found externally, stainless steel and an old, reclaimed prison door. Various wooden details add warmth and character to the space.

Client: Confidential

Structrual Engineers: TALL

Budget: Confidential

Status: Completed.

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