Chicken Coup

The digital technology age was heralded as the key to the emancipation of the traditional work and office environment. However the reality instead often manifests itself in the creation of a situation where we have become even more intimately focused, removing the chains to the desk to become clued to the screen. What physical social interaction did take place has become concentrated into ephemeral digital relationships.The Chicken Coup takes an ironic response to the feasible extreme of this rapid technological change where we truly become a slave to the computer. The environment is compliant and adaptable but the form is not controlled by the inhabitant but by a computer that dictates instruction which the user follows.

The design for this pavilion is an ever changing structure made of chicken wire and a folded and multilayered metal interwoven fabric which emphasis different light conditions and the constant transformations.

The Chicken Coup is a competition entry for the Workspace Group Urbantine Project and Tent London as part of the London Festival of Architecture 2008.

Budget: £10.000

Status: Completed

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