Space Group Architects have been appointed to find space for an extra room to a house that has been outgrown. The local Planning Legislation prevented that this could happen in the shape of an extension of any kind but an opportunity has been found at the end of the garden:

A pod like structure - a little jewel underneath a tense tree canopy - provides a quiet space to work from.

Its facetted shape arrived from its surrounding constraints - both, natural and artificial. The external skin is made of totally black EPDM in order to camouflage itself away in the dark void created by the tree. The interior on the other hand is made out of stained marine plywood throughout providing a surprising warm space. All furniture is built in and made of the same material which transforms the pod into a 'stone-druse'-like object.


More details to follow soon.



Client: Confidential


Structural Engineers: TALL


Budget: Confidential


Status: Construction due to start in 2014.

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