The Earl of Devon (Phase I & II)

This is an adoption of a desolate pub conversion with a fairly limited budget. Just by removing some walls and replacing dull colours the potential of the property was suddenly unlocked.

The 3.3m ceiling height has been utilized for an enormous amount of storage space required by the clients.

Everything is kept in white – it is all about different reflections and textures to enhance the newly won day light qualities – with the exception of one separate room that is the opposite: Although the same type of three-dimensional vinyl wall-paper, fabric sliding panels and furniture have been used they are all of a dark, cosy and wooden nature. This room is not any longer an underused spare bedroom: it is used as an office, library and multi-media room and is therefore filled with life like all the others.

A small bathroom has been completely remodelled to allow for more space, storage and comfort. Different light circuits allow for a light therapy while enjoying a whirl pool or the flush recessed ‘rain maker’. Plants that are growing down from a slot that has been cut into the ceiling void of the hallway soften the space. Remote controlled dimmable lights throughout have added some extra comfort and theatrical aspects to the spaces. Dense tropical planting in the redesigned courtyard give the sense of an urban jungle.


Client: Confidential


Structural engineer: TALL


Contractor: Various


Budget: Confidential


Status: Phase I completed in 2008, phase II completed 2016

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