MD’s (London)

MD’s have opened their first franchise in the UK off Trafalgar Square. The new sandwich chain offers exclusive Central-European-style picturesque open sandwiches, fresh pastries and tarts. All products are beautifully hand-crafted on site and the sheer ocean of them forms the artful centre piece of the space.

In order to compliment the colourful food we have provided a subtle substrate in the form of different materials in various shades of anthracite. Different types of natural cork – a material from our client’s childhood memory – forms a surprising rustic chic juxtaposition to that. The scheme is rounded off with various details in golden copper, a reference to the company’s bold logo. The unusual use of the colour gold peaks in the shape of a golden lounge area which is naturally lit by a re-utilized skylight.

The eyes of people walking past the development are drawn onto the food on display in the shop window. Special lighting has been designed to enhance certain colours of the goods. Once inside the shop the customers know immediately that there is a seating area too thanks to the gold glowing lounge box at the back. 

A holistic design concept has achieved a truly bohemian solution – something we believe is unique in the challenging retail market.


Client: MD’s


Agents: Lewis Craig


Budget: Confidential


Status: Completed

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