The Ring

Inspired by James Turrell’s Roden Crater Project this is a study for a ring shaped house that is fully integrated into the landscape of a stone desert. A quiet submerged retreat to write, to read and to enjoy a cool drink. Ultra-minimal and very formal due to its shape this is a space that is about its surroundings to calm one’s mind. The movement of the sun is tracked by the building’s shadows in the circular court yard. The court yard is a contemporary interpretation of the Moroccan ‘riad’ and provides a secure and discrete outdoor space. The house is sunken into the ground in order to minimize its externally exposed walls to provide shelter from the harsh climate. It also maintains the importance of the landscape over the architecture – the house becomes therefore part of the landscape. Similar approaches can be found in the ancient architecture of the Atlas Mountains and simple dwellings which have been excavated in the United Arabian Emirates.


Status: Ongoing

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